Lawyer Monthly is a news website and monthly legal publication with content that is entirely defined by the significant legal news from around the world.
Lawyer Monthly is a global publication providing news, analysis and features on all the latest headlines within the legal and corporate worlds. It examines the key issues affecting the legal community globally, focusing on emerging markets and major regions such as the US, Europe and Asia. Lawyer Monthly also covers the major practice areas across all sectors, including mergers and acquisitions, banking and finance and intellectual property.
With an international reach of over 185,000 readers, Lawyer Monthly offers easily accessible information for everyone working in, and affected by, corporate law. The magazine is personally addressed to senior partners, corporate and firm solicitors, barristers, practice managers, in-house counsel, CEOs, CFOs and allied professionals. This core readership consists of high-income earners and key decision-makers with significant purchasing power and disposable income.
Lawyer Monthly is a monthly magazine available in both print and digital formats, Lawyer Monthly Online is a news website updated with relevant content daily. The magazine offers a mix of news-led editorial features, with our editorial team exclusively interviewing some of the biggest players within the legal and corporate fields. For more information please visit Lawyer Monthly Online

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Universal Media is a long established business to business publishing house. Two of its three main titles have been published since 2009. Universal Media‚Äôs publications are designed to provide insight, opinion and analysis to a core audience made up of the corporate, financial and legal sectors. 
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